¿Por qué el marketing directo?

The Postando business portal allows our business partners to create postcard marketing campaigns within minutes and send individual postcards to a vast number of receivers based on preselected dates. The postcard facilitates your messages or promotions by catching your customers’ attention and can be used to reactivate old customers or show them appreciation, as well as to target new customers via the provided GDPR compliant, segmentable address data.

In the time of digitalization and the increasing of information, companies are facing the challenge to effectively transfer their messages and promotions to their customers. Emails get unread or deleted, online banner advertisement placements are ignored and conversion rates of online marketing are constantly decreasing. One solution is offline marketing via direct mailing campaigns and personal postcards.

With the Postando business portal, we offer an innovative marketing tool. Here, we combine the time-efficient, digital implementation of your marketing campaigns with the analog and traditional product of a personal and individual postcard.
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Most important benefits

Tasa de conversión superior
Utilizando el raro medio de marketing de la postal, resaltará su mensaje a sus clientes y conseguirá las mejores tasas de conversión en comparación con otras herramientas de marketing. Estaríamos encantados de llevar a cabo un piloto con usted para la validación.
Simple & automated process
The data transfer can be achieved via API and HTML templates or via a simple Excel and design upload. Each campaign can be scheduled in advance and is executed automatically based on the predefined date.
Flexible e individual
Aproveche nuestras posibilidades para personalizar al máximo sus envíos y así dirigirse a sus clientes de forma personal y dirigida. Independientemente de si se dirige a una pequeña parte de sus clientes o a todos, nuestros servicios ofrecen la mayor libertad de diseño posible.
Special customer acquisition
We focus your requirements and provide you with segmented address data for all of your campaigns within Europe, based on your individual target group. Through this offer you benefit from efficient new customer acquisition.
GDPR compliant
In May 2018, the new GDPR guideline increased the complexity of addressing customers and potential new customers. Postcard marketing campaigns with Postando enable a GDPR-compliant way of reaching out to your customers.
High quality material
We use 350g chrome sulfate cardboards with one side foiled to provide an optimal and high quality haptic product for your message. Our product achieves special attention in the letter box of your customers.

Postcards for Marketing & Sales

Special offer cards
Send special promotions or coupon codes via postcards to your customers to increase your sales.
Send birthday cards fully automated to your customers at predefined times.
Quickly and personally design this year's Christmas cards with Postando.
Special CRM
Whether events, information or a reminder, bind your customers to your business on every occasion.
You are interested in postcard marketing and want to acquire new customers or reactivate existing ones? Contact us for more information and a trial access to the Postando Business Portal via the contact form below or mail us directly to business@postando.de.

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